Pre-order form


You can use this form to send the pre-order for 2024 in a pre-arranged month.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue invoices for companies. 

The pre-order form has been completed successfully if the pop-up window displays the message "the completion was successful" after clicking the "order now" button. A confirmation email will not be sent automatically after submitting the form, it will be sent by hand.

Please place your order based on the catalog, what is uploaded to the website, 

We also welcome individual requests (custom orders), but from 2024 there will be a change compared to previous years. If a unique request is received (any modification/difference compared to the one in the catalog),an addition HUF +1,500 per figure will be charged (over the original price). 

International shipping fees are vary, it will be calculated after packing. You will receive a second invoice after your order is packed.

Discounts: a little surprise in the package for purchases over HUF 40,000. Over HUF 100,000, 5% discount on the total amount of the order. 

During the final negotiation of the order, we would like to request a direct bank transfer in a lump sum, for which a pro forma invoice will arrive in your mailbox (email). The pre-arranged date (month) is informative and we reserve the right to change it ( we always keep in touch and will inform you about any changes). 

Of course, we try to pay attention to the pre-arranged date.

Pre-order form