About us

During the pandemic, the idea came up to make tools for our children to play with natural materials and for playful learning in our homes.
As a teacher by training and experience, I have always had a strong interest in making toys, and I have always enjoyed making something for my children to add to their playtime.
Then I was captivated by the world of natural toys, and from the moment I made my first hardwood figurine with my own hands in 2020, I knew that my dream for the future was to spend all my time doing this.
To the delight of our children, more and more figures were made, and then, through the social networking sites of the internet, Fakaland's self-designed figures became a big hit from the start.
There are now so many different types of figurines on offer, and safety is a primary concern in both the design and the construction of these products, especially when they are in the hands of little ones. The figures are CE tested, and some of them are designed for decorative purposes.