Mermaid world and sea animals

Mermaid swimming(purple/turqoise):  8000 Ft

Merman swimming (blue/green): 8500 Ft

Sunbathing mermaid (purple): 8400 Ft

Merman sitting on a stone (kék uszony): 9000 Ft

Mermaid baby girl (straight/curved tail, purple/pink): 5300 Ft

Mermaid girl (straight/curved tail, purple/pink ): 6200 Ft

Merman boy (straight blue tail): 6200 Ft

Dark skintone swimming mermaid (curved burgundy tail): 8500 Ft

Mermaid (golden tail) brown skintone sitting on a stone: 9000 Ft

Ombre coloring for merman/mermaid tail: +1500 Ft

Crab: 4000 Ft

Baby crab: 3500 Ft

Sea snail: 4200 Ft

Baby sea snail: 3500 Ft

Diver man: 8800 Ft 

Mermaid house (removable seahorse and sea star): 17500 Ft

Large sea base (blue): 12000 Ft

Palm tree with an island and sea: 21500 Ft

Submarine (yellow): 10500 Ft

Hot air balloon (red and white):  9000 FT

Rainbow hot air balloon : 9500 Ft

Girl/boy playing at the seaside: 5500 Ft /db

Sandcastle: 4500 Ft

Blue bucket: 3000 Ft

Parasol with a small base: 6000 Ft

Large seaside base (sand and sea): 13000 Ft

Stones (4 ):  5500 Ft

Corall: 3500 Ft

Seaweed: 3000 Ft

Turtle: 4800 Ft

Seahorse 3000 Ft

Sea star: 2800 Ft

Angel fish: 3300 Ft

Clown fish: 3200 Ft

Large blue whale 8500 Ft

Gray whale: 7500 Ft

Shark: 6800 Ft

Dolphin: 6500 Ft

Stingray: 4000 Ft

Jellyfish: 4500 Ft

Pineapple bush (removable pineapple): 4900 Ft

Parrot (red/green): 4000 Ft