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Hand made in Hungary

A real dream has come true, thank you for supporting not only the sustainability of our environment, but also a family run small business with your purchase. These hand-designed and made Fakaland figurines are shaped in a family small workshop.

The name called "Fakaland" is a little wordplay what means "fa" is wood and "kaland" is adventure. 

This adventure for us began in 2020.

  Unique design

Each figure first comes to life on paper, then after the design is drawn by hand on the hardwood.

Every pattern is preceded by careful planning, and it happens that the appearance of the figures changes over time, just as we are constantly developing.

The emphasis on details is one of the things that makes Fakaland figures truly unique, the aim of which is to make them as cute and realistic as possible.


Natural materials

Fakaland figurines are made using natural raw materials, and we take great care to minimize the environmental impact during the entire production and packaging process.

 When packaging the products, they are either placed in recycled cardboard boxes or shipped in boxes that have already been used once and this also applies to space-filling materials.

Customer feedbacks

"Your figurines are so wonderful. What the pictures cannot show on screen anyway... when I saw it in person... I thought I was going to throw myself backwards, it's so wonderful." (Orsi)

"It's beautiful! I can't say enough about its workmanship and the colors are fantastic. Wonderful work! It's a great feeling to hold." (Brigitta)

"I have them now, they are fabulous!! So good to hold them in my hand!

 Thank you very, very much!" (Sophie)

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